Whale Watching, Sunset Sailing and Coastal Cruising San Juan del Sur Nicaragua 

Boating and whale watching in Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur Nicaragua has a beautiful coastline, most of which can only be seen from the ocean. Coastal cruising in a local panga boat or sailboat will take you along the shoreline, viewing the many small bays, inlets and beaches.

While coastal cruising you may see some of our marine wildlife
and get to do some whale watching, and view some turtles swimming, dolphins cavorting, and rays leaping!

There are some fabulous isolated beaches that you can land on.
Check out the beach that Survivor Nicaragua filmed their second season at and enjoy a swimming and snorkeling in warm tropical water!

While enjoying your costal cruise you may get in some
Humpback whale watching, during their breeding season, which runs from January to March, you can start seeing their arrivals around November and the last stragglers leave San Juan del Sur around April. And year round we sometimes see Blue Whales off our coast line!

Humpback Whale breaching in Nicaragua

Enjoy sailing on the bay with Nicasailnsurf or whale watching and fishing with  Aquaholic and Panga Rosa

Sunset on the bay San Juan del Sur

Whale watching season runs from January to March in Central America
and Nicaragua is the winter breeding ground for the humpback whales. Humpbacks live in the oceans and seas around the world and migrate up to 25,000 kilometers each year. They feed in the summer in the polar waters and migrate to the tropics to breed and give birth in the winter

Humpback Whale splashing in Nicaragua

Humpback whales grow to be about 52 feet (16 m) long,
weighing 30-50 tons and have a life expectancy
of 45-50 years.Humpbacks whales sing long, complex songs and their songs can travel for great distances underwater. It is estimated that there are over 10,000-15,000 humpback whales world-wide.

Humpback whales are an endangered species.

Humpback whales are active whales. They can throw themselves completely out of the water (breaching), and swim on their backs with both flippers in the air. They also engage in "tail lobbing" (raising their huge flukes out of the water and then slapping it on the surface) and
"flipper slapping" (using their flippers to slap the water)

Manta Ray leaping Nicaragua

While whale watching many times, you can also see turtles,
the Green Turtle, the Hawksbill Turtle, the Leatherback Turtle and the Olive Ridley Turtle are all found in our waters on the
Pacific Coast of Nicaragua.
And, pods of Bottlenose Dolphins are often seen swimming along
and jumping Manta Rays too!

For Whale Watching tours or fishing and boating check out our local boats Aquaholic and Panga Rosa and for sailing adventures check out Nicasailnsurf  

So enjoy a day on the water,
see some of our marine wildlife
and sunset from the bay!

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